Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review: Kanebo - Petit Moi

Recently I've been loving this product from Kanebo:

Petit Moi - Paper Cheek: Orange
Inside is like a tissue dispenser

Basically this product works like a blotting paper (like the ones you get at Sephora to blot the oil off your skin). However, this paper also has powder with a subtle hint of shimmery tint. I believe this product comes in two different colors: orange & rose.  I have the orange tint.

USE: When using this product..instead of just blotting your skin, you're also adding a hint of blush on as well. So clever! Just be aware not to rub all over your face because you will look sun burnt (unless you're going for that look). I like to gently dab the product on horizontally across the bridge of my nose and cheeks for a skin-kissed glow. It's very cute!!

Swatch of the Petit Moi Paper Cheek: Orange.  As you can tell it has a orange/peach tint, it's hard to see the tiny shimmers...but it's there though!  

The only con I have about this product would be if you have dry skin, then it would not be ideal to use because it will not go on smoothly and will only enhance the dryness.