Sunday, April 3, 2011

Review: e.l.f. studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

The e.l.f. studio Eyeliner & Shadow Stick. "Achieve color intensity for your eyes with a twist-up ease (no sharpening required) - Enhances the eyes with a soft shimmer color."

Directions: Glide on the soft gel Liner to create dramatic definition to the eyes.  Use the smooth glide Shadow stick for soft highlighting color on the eyes to complement the liner for a polished and finished look. (personally, I feel you can you this any way you can go highlighting frenzy if you want  with this white eyeliner ^_^)

The Liner Side

The Shadow or "Glow" Side

My Impression: Another Happy Purchase! This is my first e.l.f. product, and I really wanted to try this because I was in the market for getting a new white eyeliner.  So I doubled scored when this liner came with a double end.
There were a few other colors for this product like purple, green, black, etc.  What I really like about this product is that there is no need for sharpening! I think it's so much more hygenic this way.  The color glides on smoothly and pigmentation is just enough for that pop of color for your eyes.
I really like the shadow side for the nasal corner of my eyes to give a hint of color, and the eyeliner side is great for lining the waterline.   Since this eyeliner is white, it's great for highlighting of course, but I am planning on collecting all the colors to create more effects..Yes, I like it that much. =)

Some pictures with the e.l.f. white liner!

Must focus on the eyes >_<

TOO CLOSE!!  (* O *)