Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Drugstore Haulage

Happy Summer Everyone!  Finally... the weather has been nice and sunny here in LA.  I'm so happy to finally bring out the sundresses and shorts to stay cool from the weather.

Recently came back from CVS and picked up a few items I wanted to show you: 
REVLON Just Bitten
Thought this Lip Stain + Lip Balm was a unique and interesting idea, and so I decided to give it a try.  I liked the fact that you can apply this lip color and not have to worry about reapplying throughout the day.  Especially during the hot weather season, I prefer to wear less make up as possible to prevent from feeling sticky or having the melting make up effect.  There were a few colors to pick from, and I ended up purchasing "Forbidden."  This color is more on the dark red/brown natural side. 
This is the applicator of the Lip Stain.  Yes, it is like a marker.  When applying, I literally felt like I was painting my lips with a marker (minus the marker smell).

A swatch of the Lip Stain color.  After applying, I tried rubbing off the color and I was impressed that it didn't rub off at all.  It took a really long time for the color to fade.  So, if you do try this product I would suggest you to make sure you really like the color you buy because it will stay on your lips for a really long time.

This is the Lip Balm side of the product.  What you see here is what you get.  The downside is that prior to opening the product, I really thought you were suppose to twist the applicator to retract it up or down to apply the Lip Balm (like chapstick).  Unfortunately, the Lip Balm side was just a stick of product attached to the applicator stick and after applying onto lips, you would have to carefully replace the cap back on and try not to ruin the rest of the Lip Balm by misplacing the cap.  I can understand why they added this, after applying the Lip Stain your lips may feel lacking of moisture.

Here are my lips (haha) after rubbing my lips a few times to see if the product would wipe off.  Not sure if you can tell but my lips aren't usually this pigmented, so yes I do believe this Lip Stain works, but I might invest in purchasing another color lighter than the one I tried, possibly something more natural or on the red side. I think this color maybe a little to dark for me.
I also picked up REVLON's nail polish in Minted (85). So perfect for the summer! I'm so loving this color right now.  It only took 2 coats to achieve this opacity.  The consistency was the right amount so you don't have to keep reapplying to get this pretty color =)

It's important to lather up with lotion all the time.  I prefer lotions with SPF especially since living in CA. We get a lot of sun exposure year round.