Monday, January 16, 2012

My Beauty Diary & Philosophy's -on a clear day-

This store that I visited was having a sale on the My Beauty Diary Masks. So I decided to stock up on these. I use these masks pretty infrequently, but I do however like these a lot. The reason being is that it can be quite pricey if used daily because there aren't a lot in one box. One box would probably equate to a little more than a week.  So can you imagine? (If you don't know what these masks are - - they come in individually wrapped packets within the box and the sheet masks are soaked in essence good for the skin).
I don't feel the urgency for it being used daily. To me, it's a great "pick me up" for the skin when you feel the need for extra pampering or prepping for the night out, because the result is instantly gratifying.  I leave the mask on for about forty five minutes, even though the direction says fifteen minutes is enough.

So this time around I chose these three line of products:

Q10, Collagen, and Black Pearl

Lately I've been experiencing blemishes again...sighs...
I'm always on a look out to find new spot treatments, and this time I decided to try Philosophy's -on a clear day- oil free spot treatment.

I used this a few times already and I'm fairly happy with the result.  It states that the product contains sulfur to penetrate the pores and eliminate blemishes, and absorb excess surface oil.  Also oligopeptide-10 to gently and effectively reduce acne causing bacteria. 

The application of this product was fine and what I like about it is that after applying it, it dries up and becomes almost invisible.  Which means you can use this during the day time.  The only downside I see right now is the smell.  I really don't like the smell of sulfur.  Other than that I'm happy with it for now.

BTW, here are some goodies I got last month for Christmas.  (Some were gifts and some were items I bought for myself):