Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hello Kitty Air

Taiwan airline EVA Air launched three Hello Kitty aircrafts purring across the skies.

According to CNNGO "This isn't the first time Taiwan's second-largest carrier and Sanrio have collaborated. The two companies launched the first generation of Hello Kitty jets in 2005.

The Hello Kitty jets -- called Apple Jet, Global Jet and Magic Jet -- will operate for at least a year on different routes originating from Taipei.

Magic Jet flies to Sapporo and Guam.
Apple Jet flies to Seoul and Fukuoka.
Global Jet serves Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Each of the new aircraft provides 30 premium laurel class seats (EVA's business class) and 279 economy class seats."

So kawaii..hopefully I can fly with them soon =P